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 My dog doesn't get a long well with other dogs. Will you still take him?
We are sorry, but due to the nature of our service, the dogs must be sociable with other dogs as well as with people.
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 Does my dog need to be de-sexed?
Yes. Dogs that are not desexed tend to be more aggressive. For this reason, we require that all dogs that come to us be desexed.
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 Will my dog get enough exercise?
Yes. Each dog is walked for a minimum of 2 hours during the day. Not only that, the dogs play amongst themselves as well, giving your dog even more exercise!
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 My dog has a special diet. Will you be able to continue it?
Yes. You supply the food, so every dog will continue to get what it's accustomed to. Some dogs have very sensitive stomachs, so for their own comfort, it is better that they have the food that they are used to.
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 What will you do if my dog gets sick while with you?
We ask permission from every owner to take the dog to the vet if the need arises. You can settle the bill with the vet upon your return.
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 My dog barks a lot. Can you still take him?
Due to the nature of our service. One of our requirements is that the dog cannot be too "talkative." We understand that every dog barks, however, we cannot take dogs that bark excessively. We also know that dogs will bark when they are bored. At our house, the dogs are rarely bored, and therefore rarely bark!
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 My dog needs to take special medication. Can you administer it to her?
Yes, we can. Just provide us with a detailed expanation of the requirements and we'll be happy to make sure your pooch gets her meds.
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 We live on Hong Kong Island. Do you provide a pick-up and drop-off service?
Time and schedule permitting, and for a small fee, we can pick-up and drop-off your dog. Please see our "fees" for the charges.
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